Journal Articles

  • Funmi Adebesin and Paula Kotzé. 2017. A process for developing an e-health standards selection method artefact using design science research. Journal of Design Research, Vol. 15, No. 3/4, p. 258-287. DOI:   A draft version of the paper is available here.
  • Hanlie Smuts, Paula Kotzé, Alta Van der Merwe and Marianne Loock. 2017. Framework for Managing Shared Knowledge in an Information Systems Outsourcing Context. International Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. 13, Issue 4, pp. 1 – 30. DOI:
  • Indira Padayachee, Alta van der Merwe and Paula Kotzé. 2015. Virtual learning system usage in Higher Education—A study at two South African institutions. South African Computer Journal, Vol  57, p. 32 – 57, December 2015, DOI: .
  • Funmi Adebesin, Rosemary Foster, Paula Kotzé and Darelle van Greunen. 2013. A Review of Interoperability Standards in E-health and Imperatives for their Adoption in Africa. South African Computer Journal, Vol. 50, p. 55 – 72, July 2013, DOI:
  • Funmi Adebesin and Paula Kotzé. 2012. The Design of Application-Specific Heuristics for the Usability Evaluation of the Digital Doorway. South African Computer Journal, Vol 48, June 2012, p.9-30, DOI:
  • Indira Padyachee, Paula Kotzé, Alta van der Merwe. 2011. Course Management Systems from a Usability Perspective. Alternation, Vol 18, No 1, 2011, 297-317.
  • Darelle van Greunen, Alta van der Merwe, Paula Kotze. 2010. Factors influencing BPM tools: the influence on user experience and user interfaces. International Journal of Computing and ICT Research. November 2010; 47-57.
  • Kotzé, P., Van der Merwe, A. 2009. The Research Foci of Computing Research in South Africa as Reflected by Publications in the South African Computer Journal. South African Computer Journal, Vol 44, December 2009, p. 67 -84, DOI:
  • Mentz, J., Kotzé, P., Van der Merwe, A. 2008. Searching for the Technology in University of Technology. South African Computer Journal, Vol 42, December 2008, p. 29 – 37.
  • Van Biljon, J. and Kotzé P. 2008. Cultural Factors in a Mobile Phone Adoption and Usage Model. Journal of Universal Computer Science, Vol 14, No. 16, p. 2560 – 2679.
  • Kotzé, P., Renaud, K. and Van Biljon, J. 2008. Don’t do this – Pitfalls in using anti-patterns in teaching human-computer interaction principles. Computers & Education, 50 (2008) 979–1008; DOI:10.1016/j.compedu.2006.10.003
  • Kotzé, P. and Renaud, K. 2008. Do We Practise What We Preach in Formulating Our Design and Development Methods?, Lecture Notes in Computer Science LNCS 4940, edited by G van der Veer, Springer: Berlin, p. 566 – 585.
  • Van Biljon, J., Kotzé, P., Marsden, G. 2007. Motivational Needs-Driven Mobile Phone Design. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, LNCS 4662, 523 – 526. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-74796-3.
  • Van der Poll, J.A. and Kotzé, P. 2005. Enhancing the established strategy for constructing a Z specification. South African Computer Journal, 2005. 35: p. 118-131.
  • Van der Merwe, A.J., Kotzé, P., and Cronje, J. 2005. The functionality of a requirements elicitation procedure developed for process modelling within the higher education domain. Alternation, 12(1): p. 489-514.
  • Ford, G. and Kotzé, P. 2005. Designing usable interfaces with cultural dimensions, in Lecture Notes in Computer Science LNCS 3585, Human-Computer Interaction – INTERACT 2005, edited by M.F. Costabile and F. Paternó, Springer: Berlin. p. 713 – 726.
  • Seker R, Van der Merwe A J, Kotze P. 2004. Assessment of Coupling and Cohesion for Component‑Based Software by Using Shannon Languages. Journal of Integrated Design and Process Science, Vol 8, No 4.
  • Van Coppenhagen I, Kotzé P & Van der Poll J A. 2004. From specification in UML and Object‑Z through refinement to implementation into Java: a comparative study on the use of inheritance. Transactions, South African Institute for Electrical Engineers, December 2004.
  • Van der Poll JA, Kotzé P, Labuschagne W. 2004. Automated support for enterprise information systems. Journal of Universal Computer Science, Vol 10, No 11.
  • Dray S M, Siegel D A, Kotzé P. 2003. Indra’s Net: HCI in the Developing World. Interactions, Vol x.2, 28 – 37.
  • Van der Poll JA & Kotzé P. 2003. A multi‑level marketing case study: Specifying forests and trees in Z, South African Computer Journal, No 30.

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