Postgraduate Supervision

I have been privileged to supervise or mentor many doctoral and masters students over the years. Being a supervisor to a postgraduate student is the most rewarding part of an academic/research career. Walking along a student in their journey towards obtaining a post-graduate research qualification is an amazing experience. Below are some of the students who allowed me to be part of their journey, either as supervisor or co-supervisor, and who I have seen grown into incredible people over the years.

PhD Students

Dr Ntsako Baloyi:

Dr Dina Jacobs:

Dr Funmi (T F) Adebesin: 

Dr Sonja Gilliland:

Dr Jan  (J C) Mentz:

  • Thesis title: Enterprise architectonics as a conceptual device to support a fundamental understanding of enterprise architecture, Unisa, 2015.
  • What Jan said in his acknowledgement: Prof Paula Kotzé – I remember our first meeting very well, and still marvel at your patience with my “I am not a scientist” opinion. You did not reject my first (and subsequent) clumsy attempts at scholarly work, and for that I am grateful. I thought of stopping my PhD studies many times, but I found your door and attitude towards me open and accepting. You allowed me to go my own way, while guiding and challenging me in subtle ways. I still have a lot to learn from you.

Dr Motse (M P) Tsogang:

Dr Indira Padayachee:

  • Thesis title:  A Model representing the factors that influence virtual learning system usage in Higher Education, Unisa, 2014.
  • What Indira said in her acknowledgement:  My sincere thanks to my supervisors Prof Alta van Der Merwe and Prof Paula Kotzé for their advice, guidance and continued support.

Prof Hanlie ( J L) Smuts:

  • Thesis title: A Knowledge Framework for Information Systems Outsourcing, Unisa, 2013.
  • What Hanlie said in her acknowledgement: I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to my co-supervisor, Prof Paula Kotze,  from whom I have learnt so much, for her absolute focus on quality work and for her unfailing support – even when travelling overseas.

Dr Mariana Carroll:

  • Thesis title: A Risk and Control Framework for Cloud Computing and Virtualization, Unisa, 2012.
  • What Mariana said in her acknowledgement: Prof Paula Kotzé and Prof Alta van der Merwe: Thank you for your guidance and support throughout this study. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and expertise with me and applying it to this thesis. I am so grateful to have had you as my study leaders.

Prof Darelle van Greunen:

  • Thesis title: A Framework for the User Interface Design of Business Process Management Tools, Unisa, 2010.
  • What Darelle said in her acknowledgement: Prof. Paula Kotzé – Thank you for your guiding supervision and enthusiastic support during this study. A study with you is not about the destination, but about the journey and ensuring the journey remains a pleasant experience in reaching new heights within oneself. It has been a privilege to learn from you.

Prof Judy (J A) van Biljon:

Prof Helene (J H) Gelderblom:

  • Thesis title: Designing technology for young children: guidelines grounded in a literature investigation on child development and children’s technology, Unisa, 2008.
  • What Helene said in her acknowledgement: I wish to thank Professor Paula Kotzé, my supervisor, for providing me with the necessary guidance and academic support when needed.

Prof Alta (A J) van der Merwe:

  • Thesis title: Towards a reusable process model structure for higher education institutions, Unisa, 2005.
  • What Alta said in her acknowledgement: Prof. Paula Kotzé – Thank you for listening to my unorganized ideas and bringing order to chaos. You are a brilliant study leader.

Prof John Andrew van der Poll:

  • Thesis title: Automated Support for SetTheoretic Specifications, Unisa, 2004.

Masters Students

  • Dr Funmi (T F) Adebesin, MSc Information Systems, Unisa, 2010, (Cum Laude). Dissertation: Usability and accessibility evaluation of the digital doorway.
  • Mr G Siller, MSc Information Systems, Unisa, 2012.Topic: Platform for Collaborative Software Development
  • Ms Rubina Adam, MSc Information Systems, Unisa, 2010), (Cum Laude). Dissertation: Exploring the acceptance of enterprise resource planning systems by small manufacturing enterprises.
  • Mrs Dina (D E) Jacobs, MSc Information Systems, Unisa, 2008. Dissertation: Towards a business process model warehouse framework.
  • Dr Shawren Singh, MSc Information Systems, Unisa , 2008. Dissertation: E-commerce usability.
  • Mrs Gaby Ford, MSc Information Systems, Unisa, 2004, (Cum Laude). Dissertation: researching the effects of culture on usability.
  • Mrs Ingrid (I H M) van Coppenhagen, MSc Information Systems, Unisa, 2003. Dissertation: “From Specification through Refinement to Implementation: A Comparative Study.
  • Mr Tobie (T J) van Dyk, MSc Information Systems, Unisa,  1999, (Cum Laude). Dissertation: Usability and Internet Banking
  • Dr Karen (K V) Renaud, MSc, Unisa, 1996, (Cum Laude). Dissertation: A comparative study of transaction management services in multidatabase heterogeneous systems.
  • Prof Ruth (M R) de Villiers, MSc, Unisa, 1995, (Cum Laude). Dissertation: Integrating a software engineering approach and instructional factors in instructional software development–illustrated by a prototype in theoretical computer science.
  • Dr Lizette de Wet, MSc Information Systems, Unisa 2004. Dissertation: Comparison of the Usability Properties of Character-based and Graphical-based User Interfaces.

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